Notification Letter to Employee for Shift Change

Employers or managers are responsible for designing the duty rosters of the employees. The purpose of the duty roster is to ensure the smooth running of the company.

Modifications can be made in the duty roster as per the company needs. The notification letter to employee for shift change is the official letter which states that the company is changing the current shift of the employee.

The letter notifies the employee about his new shift timing which s/he is supposed to follow from the date mentioned in the notification.

The notification letter should be written in the most effective and professional manner. This letter is one of the most frequently used letters by enormous companies.

Mention the date on which this letter was issued. Do mention the name of the company along with a logo of it. Mention the employee name, his designation and inform him about the exact date from which he is instructed to follow the new shift timing.

Mention the shift name such as morning or evening shift along with the starting time and shift finishing time. Changes in the shift timing are made in order to complete the staff in the particular shift or to balance the shift with the efficient and experienced staff members in each shift. It eases in handling the business and avoids the disturbance.

In case of changing the day off, do mention it in the notification letter. Address the employee with his name. The tone used should be official and polite.

Notification letter to the employee for the shift change is an announcement to the company staff about the new duty roster. New timings, break time and day off are needed to be mentioned over there in order to avoid any confusions that may arise later on.

The format used for writing this notification letter should not be complex and confusing else the risk of mistakes would be enhanced. Keep it simple and clear. Mention the employer name and designation at the bottom of the notification letter. Sign the letter at the bottom.


Notification letter to employee for shift change

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