New Customer Thank You Letter

Thank You Letter to New Customer

A successful business is based on a good customer and service provider relationship. Maintaining and enhancing that relationship results in good marketing and recurring business generation. Whenever a customer opts for a company for any service, good business etiquette and ethics require thanking the customer in the form of a thank you letter. This letter can be sent by postal mail or email whichever medium befits your business.

Thank you notes should personalized yet very professional. It should make the customer feel that your company values their choice and looks after its clientele. Such letters can increase the clients confidence in your company by including your company’s past achievements and accolades.

It can also be used as a device to inform the client about new events or sales that your company is offering. So in a way a thank you letter is a professional way of saying that you value your client and use this opportunity as a marketing tool.

Address the letter to your client by using his / her complete name instead of just the surname , this adds a personalize touch giving the impression to your client that you take interest and value their presence.  Then you can give a brief summary of what achievements your company boasts. This increases the clients confidence in your company showing he made a right decision by choosing you. After that inform them about the new featured or facilities your company is introducing. This shows that you want a long term relationship with your clients. In the end thank him / her again and then sign the letter with your complete name.


new customer thank you letter

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