MS Word School Attendance Sheet Template

Attendance Sheets

School classroom usually has many students and attendees. Each class is important in shaping the minds of students and must not be missed. It is a teacher’s responsibility to make sure that each student is present in their class.

To mark the attendance of each student an attendance sheet must be prepared for each day the class takes place mentioning the names of all students along with their presence. Students often skip classes and it can have a very negative effect on their studies if not noticed by the authorities.

Attendance sheet makes it easy for the authorities to warn such students before it’s too late. A standard minimum attendance is determined and any student falling low below the standard is either warned or penalized. This is all done in the spirit of making students regular and punctual. Attendance marking gives students an incentive to be regular in class. It can also help authorities determine the students with best attendance record and reward them for their commitment to their studies. Such rewards inspire other students to follow the same path resulting in a better standard of education.

A school attendance sheet includes the name of the subject, the lecture/teacher, student names, date and day. Attendance is marked as present or absent for each student according to their presence. It can be prepared by the instructor or can be provided by the school itself for daily, weekly or monthly attendance.

Our Class attendance sheet template gives a simple design for marking attendance and can be used at any institute. Download the given template and save your time wasted in making the sheets yourself.

Student attendance record

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classroom attendance sheet

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