MS Excel Payment Voucher Template

Accounting is the pillar holding the economy of every business and is used widely throughout the world since long as 1500 AD. It is responsible for all the measurements, operations and communication of all the financial information of any economic entity. It requires good bookkeeping for the smooth running of operations in any business. Assets are bought and liabilities are paid. It is simple mathematics, you pay for whatever service you acquire from someone and this trade is as long as time.

For proper handling of all the payments, a payment voucher is often used to keep accurate check and balance of each and every transaction and can facilitate a number of purposes. It accounts for any trade taking place between two entities and approves the payment of a specific amount.

A payment voucher can be drafted similar to any receipt or bill mentioning all the necessary details such as the payer’s name, the recipient’s name, date of the payment, reason for payment, amount of payment, means of payment, signatures by both the payer and the recipient etc.

A payment voucher number is necessary for proper bookkeeping and can be added by their number into a proper organizer so that all payments are in order.

Our Microsoft Excel payment voucher template includes all the essential information required for an uncomplicated transaction and can be utilized by anyone with ease. Download the given payment voucher template to record all your payments and hassle-free accounting.

MS Excel Payment Voucher Template

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