MS Word Cash Voucher Template


Any transaction involves an exchange of riches between two entities and for the transaction to be fluid a proper check and balance must be established. Every bank has a specific process by which they manage every transaction.

The exchange of cash is quite troublesome because quite often it leads to misunderstandings. The man has fought wars for money and its value differs from person to person. So it would not be wrong to say that money is a serious matter and money handling is a serious responsibility.

Such a job requires proper authentication and assurance from both the entities. For this purpose, cash vouchers are used for the hassle-free exchange of money or goods. It can be used as an alternative for money at specified places that accept them.

The cash is paid by the benefactor of the cash voucher and a time limit is described in which the voucher is to be utilized or it expires.

Cash voucher as an alternative to hard cash:

A cash voucher can be a basic document or receipt or can be designed to look more proper. It includes information about the recipient, the benefactor, cash amount and the time restraints. Our simple format for MS Word Cash Voucher template includes:

  • Date of the cash voucher being issued
  • Cash voucher number
  • Amount of cash voucher
  • Details describing the reasons for issuance
  • The benefactor’s name and recipient’s name
  • Approval by the benefactor

It can facilitate transactions of almost every sort and can be improved to suit everyone’s requirements. Download our cash voucher template that can help make your transactions effortless.


cash voucher template

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