MS Word Adoption Birth Certificate Template

Whenever a child is born, a birth certificate is issued which shows the following information:
• The date and time of birth
• The names and addresses of the parents.

This documents is known as the Original Birth Certificate or OBC. This is a very important document and every parent should keep it with themselves.

Amended or Adoption Birth Certificate
When a child is adopted, an amended birth certificate (ABC) is issued. This new certificate shows all the information of the original certificate, however, the names of the original parents are replaced with the names of the adoptive parents. The name of the child which was given at the time of birth is also replaced with the new name in case the new parents choose to change the original name of the child. The certificate is given to the new parents. The original birth certificate is sealed by the court along with other records. Generally the original birth certificate is never made available to the adopted person.

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MS Word Adoption Birth Certificate Template

What an adoption birth certificate contains in case of adoptions, the adoption birth certificate serves as a valid starting point and offer the following information:

• Date of birth
• Gender of the child
• Place of birth
• Weight and length.
• Attending physician.

An adopted person, throughout his / her life uses the adoption birth certificate for every purpose including enrollment in school, obtaining passports and driving license as well as any other documents. In some cases, the issuing authority would show the place of birth as the place of residence of the new parents. One more thing to keep in mind that the Original birth certificate and Adoption birth certificate may differ from state to state. The format of the documents may also vary.

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