MS Excel Simple Expense Budget Template

You need to have money in this world to survive. Nothing in this world is free of cost. To continue your life in a normal manner with a basic standard of living you need to have enough money. Earning money is a difficult and hard task. You do some work and as a result, you make a living. This income may not be sufficient to meet all your needs. So you will need to have a budget to manage your spending and earnings.

What is a budget?

A budget is a written down spreadsheet that shows the required expenses that you need to make in a future time period. All the expenses are listed in an item wise manner. The use of spreadsheet and excel function can help you easily enter your own figures and amounts.

An MS Excel Simple Expense Budget Template is one that helps people make forecasts about their future expenses and then make a comparison with actual ones. Therefore it is a comparative analysis of planned budget and the actual budget. The simple expense budget template has a lot of advantages for its users. Some of the very important ones include the following:

  • It helps plan for future expenses
  • It tracks down the actual expenses
  • It helps manage funds and avoid over spending
  • It is a good comparison tool.

Overall the simple expense budget template is a very useful and helpful document that make the financial problems and issues of many people much less.

Personal Expense Budget Template

MS Excel Simple Expense Budget Template: Download