Goodwill Letter

Goodwill is a very important human gesture that expresses friendliness, care, helpful attitude and cooperation with others. It is mostly used to make others feel better and secure in their social and business relationships.

A goodwill letter is a formal or official letter or commune that is given to an individual, company or business entity just to express the feelings of positive emotions and ensuring them of continuous support, concern and mutual understanding.

These types of letters are used when new relationships are established. These relationships might be social as well as for business purposes. For example when you make a contract with a new supplier or customer, you might want to send them a goodwill letter just to make them feel supportive and secure in this contractual agreement. Similarly the good will letter can also be used whenever someone new joins an organization or a new neighbor comes to live in your vicinity.

The goodwill letter is an act of courtesy and mutual concern between human beings. The content of the letter should be genuine and polite. It should be a little assertive of your feelings of respect and supportive attitude. There should not be the addition of any kind of harsh language nor should there be an overused or rough statements involved in the good will letter. The writing and subject should be very clear and to the point. Avoid writing too many details. The pattern can be taken from any goodwill letter template. You can make necessary modifications.

One of the sample Goodwill Letter is provided here. It has been prepared by professionals. You can download and customize this letter as per your requirement.

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Goodwill Letter


Goodwill Letter


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