Generic Loan Comparison Calculator

Loan comparison calculator is used to compare different loan possibilities. It presents different scenarios to see comparison between different loan options. Loan comparison is categorized on the basis of period of loan, payment frequency, annual interest rate, scheduled and total number of payments.

This is Microsoft Excel file that consists of three sheets to carry different information and calculation of loan comparison.

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Sheet#1 Payment Comparison

This sheet is designed to compare different loan scenarios. The given sample has comparison of three scenarios which can be customize to any number. The data is manipulated in table as well as in chart form. The graph bar illustrate difference between loan payment and interest rate for different options.

Loan Comparison Calculator


Sheet#2 Payment Schedule

Chose payment schedule for different scenarios from the option given right above. You can switch between different scenarios by selecting drop down to SCENARIO 1, SCENARIO 2 or SCENARIO 3 on the screen.

Loan Comparison Calculator

Loan Comparison Calculator


Sheet#3 Loan calculator data

Finally results are ready for you to decide which loan scheme suits you to accept.

Loan Comparison Calculator


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