General and Administrative G&A Expense Budget Template

General overhead is commonly called general and administrative expense, or G&A. These types of expenses generally come with the income statements. In a running business, G&A expense budget is not a part of the cost of the sold items but it can contribute to a significant portion of the company’s expenses. G&A expense budget templates often line the salaries of the top executives of the company and help a business with the regulation of its income and expenses.

A company not only spends on the salaries of its employees but it also handles many other expenses. G&A expense budget template is often the objective of cost-cutting when a company has cash-flow problems or when the business is planning to shut down due to the crisis. One can create a variety of accounting categories within a G&A expense budget template, however, different companies may provide different names for the same type of expense.

  • Calculate the indirect cost of running a business.
  • Appoint salaries to the executives and managers.
  • Help to cut down costs when the company is in crisis.
  • Create different categories for different types of finances and explain those using graphics.

General and Administrative G&A Expense Budget Template


General and Administrative G&A Expense Budget Template is thus a form of reference sheet, helping companies to accumulate their account data for future guidance. It helps companies with salaries and benefits for minor workers and senior executives, promotion and marketing costs, rent, insurance, utilities, maintenance, dues and subscriptions, travel costs, office supplies, meals and entertainment, postage, government fees and legal expenses.

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