Substitute Teacher Feedback Form

Substitute Teacher Feedback

Working together in a workplace while maintaining a good collaboration would bring on good results. For a teacher, it is of utmost importance that they take certain steps to develop child’s character and personality as a whole which is appreciated in society. Because children stay at school for most of their time and tend to absorb all of their learning from their teachers and fellows, therefore it falls on teachers to give them proper attention. One teacher can’t do this all alone but he/she will require other subject teacher’s help in the form of feedback. For this purpose most appropriate tool to use is a feedback form for a substitute teacher.

About Form

Feedback form for a substitute teacher is easy and a supportive step for the improvement of child’s progress. Our form is built in a way that would be very helpful when the teacher would discuss how the student performs at other times. By taking other teachers feedback on a proper form one can analyze his/her performance on different issues. By a proper identification of similarities and differences of a child’s progress, the issues can be discussed in front of parents for the betterment of the child. The form provides ample of space to write down the feedback properly.

Furthermore, it is ready to use, you just have to add your school’s logo and motto to make it more customized. The use of feedback form will also help to maintain a good record of a student which will eventually help in monitoring the student’s progress over a period of time.

Substitute Teacher Feedback Form

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