Family Emergency Contact Cards Template

Staying safe is one thing that we all wants for not only ourselves but also for our family members. Safety might not come without efforts but some important measures are required for it. Emergency can hit you at any point of time and one may not know how to react. It’s wise of families to plan the entire emergency plan which may ease you and lessen up the worrisome situation. Emergency plan which are constructed after utmost consideration includes family emergency contact cards.


The template plays a vital role when preparing such important and useful things because they have to be in appropriate format. These cards may carry really significant information for which the importance may be realized when one may encounter that situation.

Our template of emergency contact card has the following features;
• Your basic details, like your residence address, telephone numbers will be mentioned
• Emergency number of your city will be highlighted so you can recall at the time of need
• Fire brigade, police, bomb disposal squad will be mention. However you can add any other important emergency number that you feel like
• Parents, children’s, neighbors and grandparent’s number will be mentioned as you may not know which number you would need during the emergency situation

This emergency card should be prepared by every one of us and the family members should know where it is placed ensuring it is reachable to all.

File type: MS Word

Few snapshots of Family Emergency Contact Cards Template are:

Family Emergency Contact Cards Template     Family Emergency Contact Cards Template


You can print two cards on 8.5 x 11 inches size paper.

To download Family Emergency Contact Cards Template: Click here