Employment Seeking Letters

Life is full of so many happenings. Like eating and sleeping is important, so is doing a job. The modern-day systems are designed to focus on jobs. Starting from our school years, we are trained to work one day. Even when choosing a career, we keep in mind that is the job we will end up doing someday.

Jobs have become so important these days that they have become a part of our everyday life. We cannot imagine a life without a job. Our job becomes our identity. How proud we feel telling someone if we are a doctor or an accountant and we want people to know us by our jobs.

Some people take jobs as jobs only, while others take it a lot more serious. For some people, a job is a toll to earn money but for others, it is about making a life-changing career.

Our college and universities teach us a lot. But, our real learning starts when we do a job. Jobs are not just working an eight-hour shift every day. It is about creating a difference every day, it is about meeting people and learning to work with them.

With the ever-changing world, the ways of job hunting have also changed. The most effective way of finding a job these days is by googling. Yes, you heard that right. You must create a network of people who are in good companies or know influential people in good companies. We all know that these days reference has taken a lot of importance in the employer’s eyes.

We know that various mediums can be used to find a job. We can find jobs in the newspaper or even the job portals available online. Once we have found the job of our dreams, we need to send the employer the necessary documents. What are these necessary documents? The most common documents we know are the CV and the employment seeking letter.

CVs/resume is common and we know what it is. But an employment seeking letter is a document which is not stressed upon.

Employment seeking letter is also known as the cover letter.

What do we write in an employment seeking letter? We mention all our academic details. A person writing the employment seeking letter might not be very experienced. We can mention all or any little work experience that we have.

Employment seeking letter is a summary of our resume. It helps the recruiter to read through the summary and if he finds any potential, then he will move to the resume.

Following are given few sample for your help.


Employment Seeking LetterEnclosed please find my resume, applied for the position of [POSITION] at the [Company Name].

I have just completed my [associate degree] in [forestry science] at the [University], and I feel that I have the right stuff for a job in quality control at the [Company Name].

My professors, including Adam Smith-associate director of procurement for [Company Name], have helped me put together my educational program. Professor Smith is among the references listed on my resume.

I would appreciate the opportunity to schedule an interview for the trainee position.

Thank you.



Employment Seeking LetterEnclosed please find my resume, applied for the position of [POSITION] at the [Company Name].

Although I am a recent college graduate, I have been working steadily since the age of seventeen at many jobs including landscaping, maintenance, and carpenter’s helper. I believe that this background, in combination with my degree in business administration, makes me a very good candidate for positions in [Company Name] services, maintenance, or Manufacturing Departments.

I am available for an interview at your convenience and can provide references from former employers and professor.



Employment Seeking LetterWith reference to your advertisement in the Times of US dated [DATE], for the post of an [Executive Secretary], I wish to offer my candidature.

I am closing a copy of my biodata for your perusal and kind consideration.

I hope to hear from you about the date of interview.

Yours sincerely



Job Seeking LetterIn response to your advertisement in the Employment News dated [DATE], for the position of an [Accountant], I would like to apply for the same.

I am sending herewith a copy of my resume/curriculum vitae for your consideration.

Could you let me have an interview with you at an early date?

Yours sincerely



Job Seeking LetterI have come to know through reliable sources that there exists a vacant post of Sales Engineer in your esteemed organization.

Please find enclosed a copy of my resume for your perusal and kind consideration.

Should you require any further information; the same will be provided to you at the time of interview.

Hope to hear from you,

Yours sincerely