Employee Wage Verification Form

What is wage verification form?

It is a type of document which is used to confirm the wages of the employees. This form is used by many organizations that want the wages of the workers to be confirmed.

Key components of the form:

This form is sent to the employee to fill. The main details that an employee is required in this form includes the total number of hours the employee has worked, hours worked each week, per hour rate of the company, total bonus earned by the employee and a lot more. After the employee has finished filling the form, he will have to return the form to the requestor.

When to use the wage verification form?

The wage verification form can be used when you want to calculate the total amount of wages to be paid. For example, it can be used by parents when they want to pay the child care provider. Any type of wages can be calculated with the help of this form.

How to use the wage verification form?

  1. You can get the readymade verification form template from this website. Download the wage verification form and start filling it by entering your name, phone number, email address and some other details.
  2. The consent to the verification form is provided by the employee when he fills it and signs at the end of the form.
  3. There should be a separate field in the form that will ask the employee to provide the details of his job title, starting date of the job, the number of leaves the employee has got, the type of leaves and a lot more.
  4. The average earnings of the employee, as well as the earning rate, should also be mentioned in the form
  5. The starting hours of the work and ending hours should be mentioned in the form. The total number of days the employee has worked should also be specified in the form.
  6. Before the form is created, it should also be ensured if the number of working hours varies.


Employee wage verification form

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