Purchase Contract Template

There are a large number of business documents that are used to meet the requirements of various organizations. Business entities may carry out different types of operations but their basic aim remains the same. Every business oriented individual or company wants to make money and maximize profits. For this purpose, they give out several goals and tasks to the departments that trickle down to the employees.

To achieve those goals and targets, the organization itself chalks out certain standard operating procedures. These procedures also call upon fulfilling the requirement for the various official documents. One such document is the purchase contract.

What is a purchase contract?

A legal or contractual document that is issued whenever there is a purchasing activity taken place between two parties is called a purchase document. It is essentially drafted for the buying and selling of goods and services. The aim or utilization of the document is that it exhibits the intention of two parties who want to sell or purchase a specified product or service. The consent between the two is mutually beneficial. The properly drafted purchase contract that meets all the requirements and is signed by both the concerned parties is legally binding and can be presented to resolve court disagreements.

The basic contents of the purchase contract template should include:

  • Details of the buyer of the product
  • Details of the seller of the product
  • Product or service information
  • Terms and conditions of the purchase process
  • Date and time of contract
  • Any other related information


Download Free Purchase Contract Template


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