Directive Letter

Letters are used to communicate your messages and views to others. There are different types of letter used in business and social interactions of people. Letters are a very important set of documents that are used as evidence and help record keeping of the communication that takes place between two parties. In older times this was the most effective form of communication.

But as times changed and technology progressed, this communication mode was left far behind. However after so much advancement in technology and infrastructure, this ancient mode of communication has not become obsolete. It is still the most effective form of correspondence. Letters can be written on individual as well as organizational level.

There are different types of letters used in our daily lives. Directive letter is one such commonly used example. This is a very important type of formal business letter. It is used to delegate or give out certain directions or orders to the concerned employees or staff members.

The directive letter should be drafted very carefully keeping in mind all the directions that are required to be adopted by the recipient. The directive letter may be used in different departments and in different levels of the business entity. The language should be grammatically correct and any ambiguities or problems should be clarified before it becomes a big problem. The tone of the directive letter should always be professional and formal. The format can be copied from a simple directive letter template that can be downloaded from the internet.

We are providing here a sample Directive Letter. Customize this ready-made letter with your name and other relevant information and it is all set to deliver.

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Directive Letter


Directive Letter


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