Denial Letter

There are many different types of correspondence carried out in a business entity. Some are used for internal communication like memos while others are used to communicate with external stakeholders like suppliers and clients. One such stakeholder are the candidates selected for recruitment in a company.

Whenever a business entity requires new people in their organization they may start the recruitment process. Candidates who fulfill the requirements of the set criteria are shortlisted for interview and final selection. Although a large number of candidates may fulfill the basic criteria of educational qualifications not all are capable to be considered for the job. A denial letter is used in such a situation where you want to convey to someone that his/her application for a job or job request has been denied by the organization.

This is a letter that is used to convey a bad news to an individual. But this does not mean that the tone of the letter should be harsh. One should be using very simple and polite language in the letter keeping the tone of the letter very soft. Make sure that you do not use words or sentences that offend someone or cause feelings of humiliation.

The denial letter is used in business organizations very frequently when informing candidates of rejection of their job applications. The denial letter templates are available online and can be used according to the needs and requirements of the organization. It can prove to be very helpful.

The letter is all ready to use. Customize it accordingly with your name and other relevant information.

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Denial Letter


Denial Letter


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