Comprehensive Party Planner Template

Parties are the places where we all go to come together with our friends, family, co-workers and communities etc. Well when we go to parties the first thing that we see is the decor and how well it is managed. This all is the duty of the party planner. In order to take care of all this many people hire party planners and sometimes they do it on their own. Whatever the way and method of planning is one thing is very sure that you need to plan it such that people don’t feel awkward and out of place.

Parties are all fun:
All parties that you would’ve attended must not be great some are total disasters and the reason behind is the failure of the planner. In order to make them awesome is that each and every detail is kept in mind. Such as some parties are theme based and if you don’t inform your guests about the theme or inform some of them and leave someone out, your guests will start feeling agitated and party will be a fail. To make it perfect you need to have some sort of planner through which you could plan out what is the real need of the time. In order to do so you will need a party planner template such as we have designed. It will help you keep tab on all the things that you want in your party and how much work you have done and what is left behind. Keep all your party planning work organized with the help of our party planner template right away.

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Sheet#1 Party overview

This sheet contain details and management of guest and budget summary in detail. Total no. of guests in terms of adults and children are estimated along with cost per guest to calculate total amount needed. Budget summary contains list of different eating items, equipment & supplies and decoration things along with per unit cost. The whole sheet is a comprehensive analysis of party input budget amount.

Comprehensive Party Planner Template


Sheet#2 Guest list

Guest list sheet overviews complete detail of guests attending party. An estimation of families coming from different places containing number of adults and children accompanying has been made. This makes for the organizer to know what number of people are coming to attend the party.

Comprehensive Party Planner Template


Sheet#3 Food & Beverage

This sheet has complete details of serving of food and beverages to total number of guests. Total cost of serving for each guest is also calculated.

Comprehensive Party Planner Template


Sheet#4 Other essential’s detail

This sheet has details about all other essentials such as rooms, total no. of table & chairs, beverage & dinner napkins and glassware. Total cost has been calculated also.

Comprehensive Party Planner Template


Sheet#5 Seating arrangement grid

An overview of seating arrangement for the party is made.

Comprehensive Party Planner Template


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