Cell Phone Use Notice to Employees

A cell phone is the biggest distraction these days which is badly affecting the productivity of the employees. There are many companies that believe in “no cell phone at work” slogan.

A cell phone has become an important part of our life. It is a great asset to a person if it is used correctly. However, it has been observed that those people who use the cell excessively are not able to focus on their work.

The main problems caused due to the use of cell phone in the workplace are:

  1. The person loses the focus from the work
  2. He also disturbs the other co-workers by speaking on the phone
  3. Cause security problem because of inappropriate use of company’s internet
  4. The accidents may also occur when the cell phone is used improperly

It is the policy of the company to restrict them to use the cell phone only when they need. It is also asked by the company to switch the phone to silent mode so that the ringing of the phone will not disturb others.

The cell phone notice is sent to the employees by the employer when he wants to inform them that the use of cell phone is not allowed on the premises of the company. The notice is also sent to remind them or to warn them about the usage of cell phone.

Not only employees, some companies also restrict the visitors to not use the cell phone.

Notice Sample:

It has been noticed that despite repeated warnings and reminders for not using a cell phone in the workplace, there are many people in the company who are violating the rules of the company by ignoring the warnings.

It is being informed again if anyone will be found violating the rules and regulations of the company, henceforth a strict action will be taken against him. Furthermore, discontinuation of use of cell phone will be appreciated.

Also note that the supervisor and the in charge of the staff can use the cell phone.



Notice Preview

Cell phone use notice to employees

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