Marketing Budget Plan Template

There are a large number of business entities working in the world. Some of them are operational on very small scale while others are large in size and magnitude. Irrespective of the size of the business entity the operations and functions of the system remains the same. The working of a company can be divided into various departments. These departments include some basic functions like finance, accounting, HR and marketing.
Marketing is a very important component of all types of businesses. The business goal of making profits and increasing the number of customers can only be accomplished by using various marketing techniques.

What is marketing?

Marketing is a business management process that helps communicate the concept of products and services to the customers and consumers. It is basically a combination of 4 Ps of marketing. They are called:

• Identify, select and develop the product or service
• Determine its price
• Select how to distribute the product or service to the end user
• Decide on the promotional strategies used to market the product or service.

Like all other activities in an organization, marketing also requires resources and capital investment. Therefore every organization needs to have a marketing budget plan.

What is a marketing budget plan?

The  marketing budget plan template is a document that helps to outline the expenses and resources available that will be utilized for the marketing of the company’s product and services. The marketing budget plan template is a very useful and effective document.

Here is Marketing Budget Plan Template given for Free to download. It has been prepared using Microsoft Excel and is in all ready to use format.

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Marketing Budget Plan Template