Birth Notice Template

Baby’s arrival is the most awaited moment for everyone. After the baby’s birth, the parents’ wait is finally over and they feel very happy and proud to share their happiness with others. Everyone is curious to see the most awaited child.

Birth notice is written when you want to share the news of baby’s birth with someone. When it comes to announcing the birth of a child, keep that in mind that it should not be complicated. Only a few words can be enough to announce that.

When to use the baby notice?

You may need to write this notice to a newspaper so that the announcement of the baby can be sent to as many people as possible. It saves you from announcing this news to each and every individual separately. In other words, it is the best approach to save time.

How to write birth notice?

The birth notice should be started with your name and complete address and other contact details. After that, the name of the newspaper in which you want the notice to be published should be written.

The notice includes the name of parents, the name of the child, date on which the child was born, the gender of the child and several other related details. You can also include the picture of the child if you want.

Use the baby birth notice template to share the news of baby’s arrival in this world with those who really love and care about your happiness. The biggest advantage of using this template is that you can customise it and add the text of your desire.

All you have to do is download this free template from our website and it is ready to be used for making the announcement. You don’t have to convert this template to pdf format in order to print the baby’s picture on it. Simple copy pastes the image into it and it is ready to be printed.

Key elements of birth notice:

  1. Baby’s name
  2. Parents’ name
  3. Baby’s date of birth
  4. Gender of baby
  5. Baby’s weight [not compulsory]

Template Preview

Birth Notice Template

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