Biography & Internship Reports

Biography Report

Biography is one of the subjects taught at schools and it is truly a magnificent field. The subject, which many are fascinated by, don’t feel too excited or too pumped up at the time of submitting a biography report. A biography report can be simply defined as a report which is submitted by pupils studying the subject, this report is made on a topic related to the field and ensures that the report describes, in detail everything related to the topic that the pupil has chosen or has been assigned with.

The biography report can start off by mentioning the name of the topic in bold and add some pictures along with it to make the report aesthetically pleasing. The report should consist of a table of contents so the reader knows what page consists of what topic, it also gives the report an organized and neat look.

The report can start off by a little introduction on the topic and move ahead with the main body of the report which consists of various definitions, various hypothesizes, various aspects that the pupil wants to mention. It is best that the report should consist of diagrams that are relevant and which one thinks will boost the content of the report. The font which usually looks professional and neat is Times New Roman, with the font size of 12 for the content and 14 for any headings. Avoid making use of too much bold or underlines since they distract the reader from the actual content.


biography report template


Internship Report

An internship is an important and vital part of a student’s career since it gives him/her the hands-on experience that he/she needs to get a better understanding of everything that he/she has learned. This internship has given the student a taste of the practical world so that the student can better be informed about the workings of the organization or the practical world. An intern is also of great importance to the organization since via the internship program the organization can seek fresh blood and idea into the organization and get extra work done for less money! To know whether or not an intern has achieved the required agendas and has fulfilled the necessary standard of the organization, an internship report is drafted by the superior of the intern.

This internship report mentions the performance of the intern through the course of internship along with what the intern did, what did the intern not do, what did the intern achieve and whether or not can the organization transform the intern into a permanent employee in their organization.

The internship report is a comprehensive report which helps the organization in knowing not only the worth of the intern but also it helps them in knowing the effectiveness of its internship program as well. In many cases, a part or a fragment of the report is handed over to the intern so he/she knows his/her performance in the organization and what the organization thinks of the intern. This would help the intern in the long run and help in determining his/her strength and weaknesses.


internship report template