Balance Sheet with Working Capital

If assets of the company are considered to be the blood of the company then liabilities are also very important part which can’t be neglected. And if company makes any certain view without actually considering the two factors, then it will be exposed to a very big threat that they may realize later. Therefore it is highly recommended to consider all these factors before they make any final decision. We have made things very easy for you. Now without any specialist you can construct the ratio analysis sheet for your regular use. Our balance sheet template lets you to track assets and liabilities and computes numerous ratios centered on those assets and liabilities.

Company managers do agree to the fact that company’s health can easily be analyzed with these ratios, which are the real indicators of financial performance of the firm. This template helps you in many significant ways, among which the top most reason is the easy adaptability of these ratios. Furthermore, this template is also very flexible that you can always customize it according to your need of analysis and give you a true picture of asset and liability at the current position. This definitely helps the manager in further strategies and steps. You just have to insert the required values and you will get the final accurate results. Normally, this template is intended to give a realistic scenario of assets and liabilities and all the ratios pertaining to it but you can add or remove any of it easily.

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A few snapshots taken of the template is also given.

Balance Sheet with Working Capital Balance Sheet with Working Capital

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