Assets and Liabilities Report Balance Sheet

To enjoy smooth company operations the manager has to ensure that all the machinery is in working condition and there is not a long queue of creditors asking for money. Managing the assets and liabilities is not an art but a good management. This management can be just a piece of cake if a good track of assets and liabilities is designed from the start. For sure it will be a tedious job to formulate one balance and see your status for assets and liabilities. Therefore, the use of this template will make your life easy and lead you in making successful short term and long term objectives.

Our assets and liabilities report balance sheet is of a great help and can be constructed at any time of the year. With the use of this template now you don’t have to wait for annual balance sheet but produce as per your need. The template gives you separate columns for assets and liabilities and then in the third column you can show the difference between two. This is understood that the higher or positive value will indicate your safe position but a lower or negative value is an alarm for you. You will then have to arrange the amount of cash that the assets outnumber the amount of liability. This template also gives an ease to calculate the current ratio of firm; check of the firm’s financial strength and gives you more exact position of the performance.

Below we are adding a few snapshots from the template that will highlight its main features, layout and structure. The template is designed using MS Excel which consists of two sheets. One with complete balance record and the other one is year over year chart for best analysis.

MS Excel file | total no. of sheets = 2 | Editable | Printable | One click download

Sheet#1 Balance Sheet

The sheet record all assets detail for the years mentioned. Sample assets detail for both current and fixed is already given. Using this part of the template total current and fixed assets can be calculated. Two different colors are used to highlight two different portions of the sheet. Liabilities section enlist all liabilities and owner’s equity detail. Owner’s equity has been calculated at the end.

Assets and Liabilities Report Balance SheetAssets and Liabilities Report Balance Sheet



Sheet#2 Year-over-Year chart

This sheet highlight a chart which interpret relationship of assets and liabilities report for different years.

Assets and Liabilities Report Balance Sheet


To download this Assets and Liabilities Report Balance Sheet template: Click here