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Employee Annual Leave Record Sheet

Running a successful business organization is not an easy task. There are tons of business functions

Petty Cash Log Templates

Cash is like the blood for any business or a company. Not just a business, cash

Job Description Forms

Businesses today are well organized and automated. In different periods of time, multiple strategies were used

Meeting Minute Sheets

Planning and organization are golden principles of accomplishing any task. Sequential performance and organized work are

Business Letters

Not just any letter, but a business letter is written very professionally and for specific reasons.

Birth Notice Template

Baby’s arrival is the most awaited moment for everyone. After the baby’s birth, the parents’ wait

Meeting Notice Template

The meeting notice is used in different organizations. All the details related to the meeting are

Party Ticket Templates

Whether you have arranged a party or any special event that requires the sales of tickets, the

Payment Demand Notice Template

What is payment demand notice? A demand notice is a legal document which is sent by

Notice to Tenant to Make Repairs

Importance of the notice There are many responsibilities of a landlord related to the leased premises.

Layoff Notice Template

Layoff notice is written by the employer when he decides to lay off the employee. The

Notice to Redirect Payment

What is redirecting the payment? Redirection of payment is a process in which the customers, as

Notice to Reclaim Goods

Selling and purchasing of goods are one of the most important processes that take place in

Notice to Cancel Back Ordered Goods

Back Order If you are running a business, you will be in need to get the

Letter of Intent for Business

Businesses have three basic types. These are the sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation. There are other

Stock Subscription Letter

The process of buying and selling goods or services is trading. When the goods are kept

Letter of Intent for Promotion

In professional life, it is a dream for all employees to achieve more and more. If

Debt Acknowledgment Letter

Since ages, it is a belief that people always find ease in all means of life.

Letter of Intent to Purchase

Buying and selling need great attention in terms of both the buyer and the seller. It

Correction Letters

What is the most favorite sport for people these days? We can say nitpicking. Yes, it